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How can I create different PDF invoice layouts for different Magento store views?

Last update: 24.04.2018

With our Advanced Invoice Layout Extension for Magento you can easily create store view specific layouts, texts, logos or colors. Therefore you can easily change the store view switcher on the Advanced Invoice Layout configuration page in the Magento backend.

If you want further more layout customizations to the HTML files there are 2 possibilities:

  • If you use already different Magento themes you can easily do the customizations in the appropriate theme folder (please also see our FAQ entry How to change the Magento PDF invoice layout?). I.e. you just do the customizations e.g. in app/design/frontend/theme1/default/advancedinvoicelayout and app/design/frontend/theme2/default/advancedinvoicelayout.
  • Additionally there is the possibility (e.g. if you use the same theme for both store views) to create own themes in the Advanced Invoice Layout extension.

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