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Magento Ressources

On my website you will find the following information about Magento and many other topics:

Magento Extension InstallationAll the information on how to properly install a Magento Extension.
TroubleshootingHere I describe common sources of errors and step-by-step instructions for errors related to Magento Extensions in general.
FAQsA collection of all the questions I get asked most often by customers.
Coding StandardsA description of my coding standards that I work to in all my projects.
Technology Radar 2023This is the vianetz Technology Radar based on the original idea of ThoughtWorks. It provides an overview of the technologies that we invest our research time into.
PDF API for developersThe documentation of a publicly available API I developed that can be used to create and process PDF files.
Workflow AutomationThe documentation of my Automatic Invoice Extension for Magento.
BlogMy blog with all kinds of topics that I always come across in my daily project life.
PrivacyThe vianetz privacy agreement, which details what data I collect and why.
License AgreementHere you can find all the details about the licenses you can purchase.