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Please contact me primarily via this contact form, I will call back if you like to. If you have a customer account with us, please log in.

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You need help with installation for one of my Magento Extensions? Please have a look at my Premium Installation Support.
E.g. Magento 2.4.4, PHP 8.2.4, Advanced Invoice Layout 1.9.2. This information enables us to give you a more specific answer.
Your data will be transmitted securely via SSL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which data should I submit for a support request to vianetz?

Please send us the following data to help you answer your support request:

  • used extension version (e.g. AdvancedInvoiceLayout 2.0.13)
    You can find the extension version in the configuration section e.g. in System > Configuration > Advanced Invoice Layout
  • domain on which you are using the extension and which produces the problem
  • Magento version

Furthermore if we should support you within our installation support, please provide us with the following details:

  • FTP/SSH access (username, password and path to Magento installation directory)
  • Magento Backend access (username, password and URL)

Please verify that all access data is working properly, especially if the Magento user has the correct group to login and view all relevant areas and the FTP user has write access to all folders of the Magento installation.
All data is kept confidentially.

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