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Automatic Invoice for Magento 1

  • Konfiguration für Rechnungen im Magento-Administrationsbereich
  • Flexible Konfiguration für Bestellstatus und Zahlungsart
  • Konfiguration für Lieferscheine im Magento-Administrationsbereich

Automatic Invoice for Magento 1

Automate instead of Click: Create Invoices and Shipments automatically

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  • Automatic generation of invoices/shipments based on order status and product type
  • Send invoice email to customer
  • Save PDF invoices to file system
  • Developed by a Magento Certified Developer since 2008
  • compatible with Magento Community Edition 1.4.x - 1.9.x
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Automatic Invoice for Magento 1 Details

Aren't you bored of the "clicking" in the Magento backend? - This module will generate invoices and shipments automatically when a new order has been received.
Of course you can also activate sending emails and specifying the payment methods for which the module should be active.

  • Automatically generate invoices and shipments based on the payment method and product type (Simple, Configurable, Bundle, ..)
  • Save PDF invoice to filesystem
  • Support for online and offline invoices to support a variety of payment methods

Thats why this Magento extension perfectly integrates with prepayment orders where the invoice is automatically generated or and automatic order generation is send to your shipment partner.

In combination with our module AdvancedInvoiceLayout you are able to send the individual PDF invoices to your customers automatically when a new order is received.
Furthermore this extension can perfectly be used with the Amazon/eBay Extension M2EPro to automatically process these orders in Magento.

The functionality can be seen in our Demo-Shop.

Technical Information

Extension Key Vianetz_AutomaticInvoice
Module compatible with Aschroder_SMTPPro, Dhl_Intraship, Firegento, Idev_OneStepCheckout, Iways_PaypalPlus, M2EPro, MageSetup, Mage_BankPayment, Mage_Debit, Market Ready Germany, Vianetz_AdvancedInvoiceLayout, Vianetz_TaxVatCheck
Language files in this package English - en_US, French - fr_FR, German - de_DE, Nederland - nl_NL
Module Version 1.8.2
Extension Coding Standard PSR-2
Extension Rewrites This Extension does not make use of any Rewrites.
Compatibility Magento Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x, OpenMage 19.x & 20.x, PHP 5.6 - 7.4

There is no warranty, that the information in documents on this website and related ones are complete, correct and up-to-date in every case. The consultation of a legal practitioner is always recommended.
Completely all the features mentioned on this site are only available for the latest Magento version. Former Magento releases may have a lack of some functionalities.
If the functionality of modules from other vendors intersect with this one, unpredictable issues may arise.
Please get informed about our License Agreement and our thinking about Commercial Open Source.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install the Magento 2 extension?
Please find as follows a short overview how to install our Magento 2 extensions, using the sample of the Advanced Invoice Layout for Magento 2 extension:

Are you looking for installing the extensions on Magento 1? Then please have a look at our related FAQ article.

Do you want to install the extension via composer? Please see our FAQ article about installing with composer.


  • Make sure that "composer" is installed on your system. For details see these composer installation instructions.
  • Get your Magento API access keys (required for composer authentication) , as described in the Magento documentation.
  • Do a backup of your Magento installation for safety reasons (database and files).
  • Uninstall probably existing previous versions of the extension

Installation with Composer

  1. Create a new folder for the extension in app/code/, e.g. app/code/Vianetz/AdvancedInvoiceLayout.
  2. Unzip the setup package and copy the contents into the newly created folder. The folder structure should now be app/code/Vianetz/AdvancedInvoiceLayout/Block, app/code/Vianetz/AdvancedInvoiceLayout/etc, etc.
    Please assure that the files are uploaded with the same file user permissions as the Magento installation!
  3. Install extension requirements via composer on the command line in your Magento root directory:
    composer require --update-no-dev vianetz/pdf-generator:^3.0 vianetz/module-core:^1.0
    Note: If you use e.g. an older PHP version on the command line than on your webserver then you can add the command line argument --ignore-platform-reqs to ignore PHP version checks.
  4. Enable the Extension and run the setup process by executing the following on the command line in your Magento root directory:
    bin/magento module:enable Vianetz_Core Vianetz_AdvancedInvoiceLayout
    bin/magento setup:upgrade
  5. Restart compilation (only required in Magento Production mode):
    bin/magento setup:di:compile
  6. Clear the Magento cache (e.g. System -> Cache Management) and related caches if available (e.g. APC, Varnish, ..).
  7. Congratulations, the installation has been successfully completed!

How to install the Magento 1 extension?
Please find as follows a short overview how to install our Magento extensions, using the sample of the AdvancedInvoiceLayout extension:


  • Do a backup of your Magento installation for safety reasons (database and files).
  • Disable Magento compilation feature (if activated): System->Tools->Compiler
  • Uninstall probably existing previous versions of the extension


  • 1Unzip the setup package and copy the contents of the src/ folder into the Magento root folder. (The folder structure is the same as in your Magento installation (e.g. app/, skin/, ..). No files will be overwritten.)
    Please assure that the files are uploaded with the same file user permissions as the Magento installation!
  • 2 Clear the Magento cache (z.B. System->Cache Management) and related caches if available (e.g. APC, Varnish, ..).
  • 3 Logout from the admin panel and then login again.

Congratulations, the installation has been successfully completed!

How can I install the Magento extensions via composer?

Of course you can also install our proprietary Magento extensions via the great composer tool. This applies for our Magento 1 and for our Magento 2 extensions as well.

Therefore please follow these steps:

  • Contact us to get your access credentials. You will receive the repository URL, a username and a password.
  • Add this to your composer.json file:
    "repositories": [{
        "type": "composer",
        "url": ""
  • In your Magento installation type
    composer require vianetz/module-advancedinvoicelayout
    and enter the credentials that we provided to you as well as the Magento credentials.

Hint: you can also save the credentials in a file called auth.json so that you do not have to type them every time.

Can I get a license for my development/staging domain?

These licenses are included in every production domain license. Please send us after your purchase for your production domain an email with your order number and the desired development domain. We're happy to extend your license then.

Error message "Mage registry key already exists" e.g. after extension installation
After installing a Magento 1 extension or Magento 2 extension you get the following error message, e.g. if you try to login the Magento admin backend:
Mage_Core_Exception: Mage registry key <...> already exists

The solution is very easy in most cases:

If you recently installed a new Magento Extension, please confirm that you followed all installation steps that are mentioned in the README file of the module.

In all other cases especially assure that the Magento cache is cleared, e.g. by emptying the var/cache/ directory in a Magento default installation and that the Magento compilation process has been triggered (if enabled).

If you need help with this problem, just contact me.

I am available for Magento, PHP, Shopware or ReactJS projects.

How can I run the unit tests for your extension?
The unit tests of our extensions are based on the EcomDev_PHPUnit module that can be found on Github.
For installation instructions please see the appropriate manual.

After installation of the EcomDev_PHPUnit extension you can run e.g. the Advanced Invoice Layout tests by the following command in the root folder of your Magento installation:
phpunit --group Vianetz_AdvancedInvoiceLayout

If everything is fine you should get a green output that says that all tests ran successfully.
How can I send Magento invoice/shipment emails to store owner only?
With our AutomaticInvoice extension you can send invoice emails to store owner exclusively (i.e. not to the customer). Therefore you have to set the following configurations:
  • System > Configuration > AutomaticInvoice > Invoice > Notify Customer: No
  • System > Configuration > Sales Emails > Invoice > Send Order Copy Method: Separate Email

The same applies to shipment emails as well:
  • System > Configuration > AutomaticInvoice > Shipment > Notify Customer: No
  • System> Configuration > Sales Emails > Shipment > Send Order Copy Method: Separate Email
I get a "404"-Error after the installation of the extension
Symptom: A 404 error is shown if you go to System->Configuration and choose e.g. AdvancedInvoiceLayout tab.

To solve this kind of error you need to log out of the backend and log in again. Then the tab should be successfully accessible.
I get the error message "There has been an error processing your request". What can I do?

The error message "There has been an error processing your request" is one of the most frequent error messages in in Magento 1 and Magento 2. This message is displayed in general if an error of any kind has occurred in Magento.

In this case Magento creates a file with the name of the error report number in the directory var/report, that contains further information regarding this error.

Please find an example for the error in the following screenshot:

Magento: There has been an error processing your request

Afterwards we check the contents of the file var/report/var/report/71f20cdad8ceb5efde802084ba1eec158275937c822322eee3b1eac5ebde00b0 in our Magento root directory for the sample error:

{"0":"test","1":"#1 Composer\\Autoload\\includeFile('\/home\/vianetz\/ma...') called at [vendor\/composer\/ClassLoader.php:322]\n#2 Composer\\Autoload\\ClassLoader->loadClass('Magento\\Framewor...')\n#3 spl_autoload_call('Magento\\Framewor...')\n#4 is_subclass_of('Magento\\Framewor...', '\\Magento\\Framewo...') called at [vendor\/magento\/framework\/ObjectManager\/InterceptableValidator.php:42]\n#5 Magento\\Framework\\ObjectManager\\InterceptableValidator->isInterceptable('Magento\\Framewor...') called at [vendor\/magento\/framework\/ObjectManager\/InterceptableValidator.php:16]\n#6 Magento\\Framework\\ObjectManager\\InterceptableValidator->validate('Magento\\Framewor...') called at [vendor\/magento\/framework\/Interception\/ObjectManager\/Config\/Developer.php:62]\n#7 Magento\\Framework\\Interception\\ObjectManager\\Config\\Developer->getInstanceType('Magento\\Framewor...') called at [vendor\/magento\/framework\/ObjectManager\/Factory\/Dynamic\/Developer.php:47]\n#8 Magento\\Framework\\ObjectManager\\Factory\\Dynamic\\Developer->create('Magento\\Framewor...') called at [vendor\/magento\/framework\/ObjectManager\/ObjectManager.php:70]\n#9 Magento\\Framework\\ObjectManager\\ObjectManager->get('Magento\\Framewor...') called at [vendor\/magento\/framework\/App\/Http.php:115]\n#10 Magento\\Framework\\App\\Http->launch() called at [generated\/code\/Magento\/Framework\/App\/Http\/Interceptor.php:24]\n#11 Magento\\Framework\\App\\Http\\Interceptor->launch() called at [vendor\/magento\/framework\/App\/Bootstrap.php:261]\n#12 Magento\\Framework\\App\\Bootstrap->run(&Magento\\Framework\\App\\Http\\Interceptor#000000006a1e7d590000000079678f99#) called at [index.php:39]\n","url":"\/","script_name":"\/index.php","report_id":"71f20cdad8ceb5efde802084ba1eec158275937c822322eee3b1eac5ebde00b0"}

If you do not find a solution for your problem, just send us this file please.

Magento shows a Blank Page
While executing some actions Magento is only showing a blank page without any content.
This behaviour is mostly caused by a Fatal PHP error. Please have a look into your PHP log files (perhaps ask your hoster) and/or see the Magento error log in the directory var/log of your Magento installation.
What can I do if Magento invoice emails are not sent anymore?
If you use our AutomaticInvoice Extension and invoice emails are not sent anymore please check the following points:
  • Please check the configuration at System > Configuration > Automatic Invoice:
    Is the Automatic Invoice Extension activated and are the checkboxes for "Generate Invoice" and "Notify Customer" triggered for the specific payment method?
  • Has the Magento invoice document been generated for the specific order and is it flagged as "invoice email sent"?
  • Which Magento Extension is used for the payment method? Perhaps it uses itself a mechanism for generating invoice document and sending the invoice email. Then perhaps it is better to exclude it from the Automatic Invoice generation.
  • Are there any error messages in the Magento and/or Automatic Invoice log files in var/log/?
Which data should I submit for a support request to vianetz?

Please send us the following data to help you answer your support request.

  • used extension version (e.g. AdvancedInvoiceLayout 2.0.13)
    You can find the extension version in the configuration section e.g. in System > Configuration > AdvancedInvoiceLayout
  • domain on which you are using the extension and which produces the problem
  • Magento version

Furthermore if we should support you within our installation support, please provide us with the following details:

  • FTP/SSH access (username, password and path to Magento installation directory)
  • Magento Backend access (username, password and URL)

Please verify that all access data is working properly, especially if the Magento user has the correct group to login and view all relevant areas and the FTP user has write access to all folders of the Magento installation.
All data is kept confidentially.

Which domain name should I type in?

Please specify your exact production domain name of your Magento installation, i.e. including www. (if exists) and without leading http://.


You have a question that is not listed here?


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released on 2019-06-03
  • Fixed Fixed issue with parallel order creation resulting in wrong behaviour


released on 2019-05-17
  • Fixed Shipment emails cannot be sent multiple times
  • Fixed Fixed variable naming for event automaticinvoice_sales_order_status_change_after


released on 2018-08-21
  • Added Introduced new events to have more flexibility with custom modules


released on 2018-08-10
  • Fixed Fixed issue with new exclude SKU feature


released on 2018-08-09
  • Added Introduced new configuration to generate separate invoices or shipments for certain SKUs
  • Added Improved configuration of payment methods to allow for "No Filter" value

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