No worries about Magento 1 End-of-Life - all our Magento 1 Extensions will be supported further and actively developed!
vianetz Software Engineer for Magento®

My Coding Standards


  • Based on Zend Coding Standards for PHP, PSR-1 and PSR-2
  • Use Linux Linebreaks (\n)
  • PHP code MUST NOT contain any character before the opening tag
  • Uses spaces instead of tabs
  • All checks of the PHPStorm EA Extended Plugin are successful
  • PHPDoc Blocks are used whenever necessary and when they add explanation to the source code
  • Settings that needs to be masqued/anonymized in staging or local development systems have been added to the anonymize script.


  • SASS preprocessor is used whenever possible
  • "wer floatet muss auch clearen"
  • CSS Inline Styles must be avoided

Magento related

  • Apply Magento coding standards
  • All SQL updates (i.e. also CMS updates) are done via Magento setup scripts
  • Custom settings are configured in separate customer-specific tabs in System > Configuration, not in Magento default tabs
  • All 3rd-party extensions are installed via modman
  • Favor observers over rewrites
  • Customer-specific Extensions (starting with customer prefix, e.g. Vianetz_) are created whenever required.
  • Extensions split the system into functional units that have a single responsibility and well-defined dependencies.
  • A module should model (part of) a single bounded context of the domain.
  • Modules are natural units for code-ownership as well. Teams can be responsible for one or more modules in the system.
  • Magento Core modifications or modifications to the source code of 3rd-party extensions are strictly prohibited