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composer require vianetz/module-advancedinvoicelayout
Extension Facts
Language files in this package English - en_US, French - fr_FR, German - de_DE, Nederland - nl_NL
Version 1.10.0
Compatibility Magento 2.3 - 2.4, PHP 7.4 - 8.2
composer require vianetz/magento1-advancedinvoicelayout
Extension Facts
Extension Key Vianetz_AdvancedInvoiceLayout
Language files in this package English - en_US, French - fr_FR, German - de_DE, Nederland - nl_NL
Version 4.1.0
Compatibility Magento Community 1.5.x - 1.9.x, OpenMage 19.x & 20.x, PHP 7.4 - 8.2

Advanced Invoice Layout Extension for Magento

Edit PDF templates for invoices, shipments & creditmemos in Magento

89 €*
  • easily change PDF templates for invoices, shipments & creditmemos via HTML/CSS (Sample)
  • send PDF as attachment to order and invoice email
  • plenty of useful features (personalization, crosssells, specific texts, etc.)
  • developed by a Magento Certified Developer since 2008
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Advanced Invoice Layout Extension for Magento Description


  • Use your invoice layouts 1:1 from Magento 1, you don't need to customize anything!
  • Flexibly customizable with ready-made HTML/CSS templates
  • Personalized salutation
  • Customer group-specific texts on the PDF invoice
    This enables, among other things, the reference to the "reverse charge procedure" / "tax liability of the service recipient" prescribed in the VAT Act
  • Use of existing PDF stationery
  • Download of the PDF invoice in the frontend in the customer account
  • Display cross-sell products in PDF invoice document ("Transpromo"):
    Generate new purchases through additional advertising in the invoice document!
  • Display additional custom product attributes on the PDF invoice
  • Support for legal requirements regarding credit/cancellation invoices (negative amounts)
  • API interface for developers
  • QR invoices for Switzerland easily generate and attach to the invoice

All Kind of Features

  • Display QR codes, e.g. to encode prepayment bank details with the so-called PaymentCode
  • Invoices with electronic signature according to §14 UstGCreating signed PDF invoices according to §14 UstG

    In cooperation with signaturportal.de we give you an easy way to digitally sign your invoices. A "qualified electronic signature" guarantees your customers that the invoices you send are from you and have not been altered. More than 35,000 companies sign, verify and archive electronic invoices every day in a legally compliant manner using this online service.
    Vianetz customers benefit from a 5% discount at signaturportal.de.
    Sample of a signed document

  • Use of your own stationery possible: the stationery can be easily stored as a PDF template
  • 2- and 3-column footer
  • Display of product images and short description
  • Download option of invoice, delivery bill and credit bill in the frontend for the customer
  • Sending the PDF invoice as an email attachment
  • Automatic scaling and positioning of the logo via administration area
  • Display of customer comments
  • Mass printing of PDF invoices/delivery notes/credit bills via admin grid
  • Compatibility with Checkout Fields Manager module: display checkout attributes on PDF invoice
  • Possibility to split by VAT classes and display different VAT designations
  • Display of the customer's VAT ID and email address on the invoice
  • Font size configurable via administration area
  • Free text input with placeholders for invoice, delivery bill and credit note
  • Reduction of PDF file size by approx. 90%
  • Display gift messages on invoice and delivery note
  • Various layouts per StoreView
  • Display of download links in the invoice
  • Display of OneStepCheckout comment field
  • Easy customization by users through detailed code comments
  • Easy installation of the Extension

I'm happy to demonstrate the functionality in my demo shop.

There is no warranty, that the information in documents on this website and related ones are complete, correct and up-to-date in every case. The consultation of a legal practitioner is always recommended.

Completely all the features mentioned on this site are only available for the latest Magento version. Former Magento releases may have a lack of some functionalities.

If the functionality of extensions from other vendors intersect with this one, unpredictable issues may arise.
Please get informed about our License Agreement and our thinking about Commercial Open Source.

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released on 2024-03-28
  • Changed Switched to php echo tags in templates
  • Fixed Issue with inline css if option "Show Header on every Page" is enabled


released on 2023-12-26
  • Fixed Issue with internet font families and white space characters before Euro sign


released on 2023-11-16
  • Changed Updated dependency for pdf generator library


released on 2023-11-12
  • Added More variables for free texts
  • Changed Improved qr bill integration
  • Changed Reduced css file size
  • Fixed Issue with internet font families and white space characters before euro sign


released on 2023-06-29
  • Fixed Issue with MultiPartTransportBuilder when sending emails in certain cases
  • Fixed Issue with variables {{date}} and {{var shipping_date}}


released on 2023-06-28
  • Added Support for Magento 2.4.6


released on 2023-05-05
  • Added Improved support for bundle products
  • Fixed Minor bugfixes for PHP 8.1
  • Removed Old legacy mailer class rewrites


released on 2022-11-04
  • Fixed Minor bugfixes for PHP 8.1


released on 2022-08-24
  • Fixed Deprecation warnings for PHP 8.1 when printing PDFs


released on 2022-04-11
  • Added Gift message on item level


released on 2022-03-10
  • Changed Translation improvements
  • Fixed Wrong customer id for mass-printing


released on 2021-09-07
  • Changed Minor improvements for Swiss QR Bills


released on 2021-08-24
  • Added Added support for Swiss QR Bills


released on 2021-02-20
  • Fixed Fixed issue with mail attachments with PayPal payment method


released on 2021-02-05
  • Fixed Fixed issue that invoice cannot be printed if product is no longer existent


released on 2020-12-23
  • Added Page count element can now be moved and styled via CSS
  • Fixed Separate address template for US addresses is now used again
  • Fixed Fixed issue with mass shipment print in Magento 2.1


released on 2020-11-11
  • Fixed Template variables are not reset in every case
  • Fixed Missing pdf attachments when generating invoices via Magento REST API


released on 2020-11-04
  • Added Full compatibility with Magento 2.4.x
  • Added Magento configuration values are now available as variable {{config}} (see our FAQ for details)
  • Changed Updated DomPDF library to version 0.8.6
  • Fixed Fixed error "FPDF error: the document is closed"


released on 2020-10-14
  • Fixed Tax totals are not correct in some cases where tax rate is zero


released on 2020-02-24
  • Added All PDFs can now be downloaded in customer account in frontend, this feature can be enabled in Stores -> Configuration -> Advanced Invoice Layout -> Invoice -> Allow Download in Frontend


released on 2019-11-07
  • Fixed Another fix for the email attachments to be compatible with the latest changes in Magento 2.3.3


released on 2019-04-19
  • Fixed Email Attachments are now working again for Magento >= 2.2.8 + 2.3.x


released on 2019-01-22
  • Added Different PDF background templates for email attachments
  • Added Only visible comments will be printed by default


released on 2019-01-22
  • Added Extension is now fully compatible with Magento 2.3


released on 2019-01-15
  • Fixed Upgrade script runs into exception in Magento 2.1


released on 2018-06-18
  • Fixed PDF invoice cannot be printed


released on 2018-06-13
  • Fixed Customer Group Free Texts cannot be saved
  • Fixed Footer Text is not Store View dependant


released on 2018-01-31
  • Added Added possibility to add custom styles in admin configuration
  • Added Extension is now fully compatible with Magento 2.2
  • Added Added new CSS class for footer page count


released on 2017-11-28
  • Fixed fixed bug with backend locale being used for date formatting


released on 2017-10-28
  • Fixed fixed bug with email attachments


released on 2017-10-28
  • Added the mass printing methods now use the correct PDF layout
  • Added separate address format configuration for US addresses


released on 2017-10-24
  • Added invoice/shipment/creditmemo pdfs can now be attached to the appropriate emails


released on 2017-10-20
  • Fixed Fixed issue with "File not found" exception


released on 2017-10-19
  • Fixed Fixed issue with CSS styles not being loaded


released on 2017-09-13
  • Fixed Fixed issue with gift message not being shown
  • Changed Firstname and lastname variables are now taken from billing address for compatibility with guest orders
  • Changed Refactored crosssell configuration
  • Changed PDF background file is not taken into account for first page anymore
  • Changed Overhauled explanation for configuration of address templates and logo


released on 2017-09-06
  • Fixed Fixed issue with customer group form


released on 2017-08-09
  • Fixed Fixed tax display under certain circumstances


released on 2017-08-09
  • Fixed Fixed PDF documents are always saved to filesystem
  • Fixed Fixed values for left/right margin are not taken into account for first page
  • Fixed Fixed tax rate name not shown
  • Fixed Fixed PDF author not set


released on 2017-07-27
  • Added Added explanation why we cannot use Magento default methods for image urls in templates
  • Fixed Fixed issue with display of item tax percent
  • Fixed Fixed issue with display of coupon codes on invoice
  • Fixed Fixed issue with formatting of addresses in pdfs
  • Fixed Fixed issue with default font setting


released on 2017-06-07
  • Fixed Product images are now displayed corrected
  • Fixed Fixed issue with admin language taken instead of store language for pdf invoices
  • Fixed Fixed issue with background PDF images not taken into account


released on 2017-05-08
  • Added Porting of Advanced Invoice Layout extension to Magento 2



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released on 2023-07-09
  • Changed Updated dependencies
  • Changed Vianetz_Core Extension is now a composer dependency
  • Fixed Issue with bundle items


released on 2023-02-01
  • Added Full compatibility for PHP 8.1
  • Added Support for Weee taxes
  • Changed Minimum required PHP version is now 7.4
  • Fixed Unit tests


released on 2022-01-27
  • Added Filenames can now be configured more flexible
  • Added Added phpstan configuration
  • Fixed Fixed minor issues with order pdf
  • Fixed Paths for skin files and logo are now absolute with Magento base path to avoid broken layouts


released on 2021-02-26
  • Fixed Fixed issue with store emulation not working correctly
  • Fixed Fixed missing mapping in composer.json for signaturportal


released on 2021-02-17
  • Added PHP 8 Compatibility
  • Changed Use TCPDF PDF library instead of FPDF
  • Changed Updated PDF libraries to latest versions


released on 2021-01-19
  • Added Order PDF layouts can now also be customized with Advanced Invoice Layout!
  • Added DomPDF library is now also loaded via composer
  • Fixed Configuration multiselect fields can now be empty


released on 2020-10-13
  • Added Transaction ID is now shown for the payment method
  • Added Improved borders in layout right after extension installation when there is only the default configuration


released on 2020-10-12


released on 2020-06-05
  • Fixed Improved coding styles


released on 2019-09-27
  • Fixed Removed dependency for signaturportal.de


released on 2019-08-15
  • Added Added event advancedinvoicelayout_pdf_print_invoice_controller_add_source_after also to mass actions
  • Fixed Fixed issue with setting top margin for first page


released on 2019-06-22
  • Added Introduced additional event advancedinvoicelayout_pdf_print_invoice_controller_add_source_after


released on 2019-06-11
  • Added PDF attachments can now be added to arbitrary email templates


released on 2019-04-28
  • Added Added composer.json file
  • Fixed Custom variables for free texts can now be modified within the new event


released on 2019-04-24
  • Added PDF attachment files can now be configured per document type (invoice/shipment/creditmemo)
  • Added Added a new event advancedinvoicelayout_filter_variables_after for custom variables in free texts


released on 2018-12-10
  • Fixed Header and footer on following pages are now displayed correctly


released on 2018-12-06
  • Added Full compatibility with Magento 1.9.3.x
  • Added Added position numbers for items in all pdf documents
  • Added Added variables {{var order.*}} to allow for all order attributes
  • Added Added grand total excluding tax value to totals


released on 2018-07-20
  • Fixed Fixed compatibility with all shipment tracking carriers


released on 2018-07-16
  • Added Introduced Custom CSS functionality in admin configuration
  • Added Added order_id as available variable
  • Added Added Barcode functionality
  • Added Added some missing CSS selectors
  • Changed Improved compatibility with MageSetup module


released on 2018-04-04
  • Changed Upgraded to DomPdf version 0.8.2
  • Fixed Fixed issue with enabled Magento compiler feature
  • Fixed Improved security for controller to download pdf in frontend
  • Fixed Optimized display of bundled products


released on 2018-01-18
  • Added Added pdf variables {{var shipping_datetime}} and {{var order_datetime}}
  • Changed Improved layout of bundled products


released on 2018-01-10
  • Added Added shipping costs to tax table


released on 2018-01-03
  • Added Added empty custom.css file for easy modifications
  • Removed Removed dependency for Vianetz_PdfAttachments module so that email attachment feature can be disabled easily


released on 2017-12-06
  • Fixed Signed pdf files are now saved to filesystem correctly


released on 2017-11-17
  • Fixed Fixed pdf generation error in sales emails


released on 2017-11-03
  • Fixed Pdf signing is now also possible for automatically attached pdfs

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