Why developer health matters?

So this blog post will be the starting point for a series of health-related articles targeted for developers. As I know personally life as a developer can be tough: we live in an ever-changing world and the speed in the IT sector is even faster than anything else. And human brain has its difficulties with exponential growth. That’s why I want to get into the details about how to establish developer health.

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Why start this series about developer health?

I have read several interesting books in the past time and got some really exciting and life-changing insights into how our brain works. In my opinion this is stuff that every developer should know to avoid getting tired and burned out from the job we all love. Of course this is nothing new but packed and summed up for the use case of developer health.

“Software eats the world.”

By 2020 a huge majority of people will work in the software development sector. Rapid changing requirements, agile working, endless backlog lists, etc. all cause certain reactions in our brain which may feel overwhelming sometimes. Additionally the number of new topics we as developers have to cope with increases exponentially: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (see this movie ), IoT, Voice Commerce, Serverless-Computing to only name few of them.

This all leads to the fact that often we live our lives on auto-pilot without recognizing the beauty of the tiny things in life.

What’s next?

In the following blog posts I will focus on things like:

  • What is developer health exactly?
  • “Sitting is the new smoking” – or what is the right working position?
  • Automate everything to have time for yourself
  • Distraction-free programming or what is Deep Work?
  • Managing complexity
  • How to overcome the Overconfidence Bias to get estimations right and avoid getting stressed with timelines?
  • What are useful (software) tools to help establish developer health?
  • Living in a Healthier World

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