A few weeks ago we released the first version of our new Recolize Recommendation Engine extension for Magento.

We – that is the company Recolize that I founded together with Michael Stork and Anja Lange in the beginning of this year.

Since the mid of last year we have put enormous efforts into building an innovative and incredibly useful extension that enables merchants to boost their revenues by offering Amazon widgets like "Customers who bought X also bought Y".

Our target was to offer personalized product recommendations especially for small and medium sized companies with an extremely easy and intuitive tool. It was clearly visible that this could not be achieved by using the regular Magento Admin style. Therefore the user interface goes a fundamental different approach than all existing Magento Extensions and recommendation engines on the market.

Please find below a small excerpt from our features:

  • Blindingly easy usability without any technical knowledge because of URL-Based Configuration
  • Quick installation: directly start with recommendations based on the already existant data in your system
  • Actual Reports with root cause analyses and recommended actions
  • Three different display types: carousel, top recommendation with carousel and standard product list

And the best of it: Pay only once – no monthly costs.

You can find a full list of features on our website www.recolize.com.

Of course if you do have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Also a demo system will be available soon to be able to check out all the features. And much more exciting features to come..