Sellvana is promised to be new star in the ecommerce sky. Yesterday I had the chance to access the BitBucket repository within the closed beta access and take a more detailed look into the current status of the codebase.

Here is some (unsorted) feedback:

  • Sellvana is a really interesting piece of software that makes you wish for more
  • Installation is more than easy and fast (especially in contrast to e.g. OroCRM)
  • Cool features like responsive design, nice admin dashboard, ..
  • Smooth learning curve
  • The former connection to Magento can evidently be seen in functions like "onCategoryAfterSave"
  • Nice to see some Behat tests next to the regular unit tests
  • The repository is actively used and not only synced from elsewhere
  • I hadn’t had a closer into look into the Fulleron framework (which Sellvana is based upon) up until now but it looks very clear and understandable and it is based on the BuckyBall library
  • Clear module separation with all necessary files within the same module folder (views, assets, tests, models, i18n, lib, ..)
  • Configuration is mostly done in easy YAML format
  • Sometimes variable/method naming conventions are a bit uncommon (like i(), BPHPTAL, action_run2() ..)
  • Docblocks for documentation could be used more intensively
  • I’m wondering why there is no separate docroot folder as otherwise files are more likely to be exposed on the web by accident
  • No use of CSS preprocessor
  • In my opinion it would be nice to see some newer PHP language constructs like namespaces / traits (for Sellvana system requirements see
  • .. a lot more to come ..

I know that the application is in a very early state so please understand this as a simple sum up and the points can change quickly.