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What can I do if Magento invoice emails are not sent anymore?

Last update: 07.08.2017

If you use our AutomaticInvoice Extension and invoice emails are not sent anymore please check the following points:

  • Please check the configuration at System > Configuration > Automatic Invoice:
    Is the Automatic Invoice Extension activated and are the checkboxes for "Generate Invoice" and "Notify Customer" triggered for the specific payment method?
  • Has the Magento invoice document been generated for the specific order and is it flagged as "invoice email sent"?
  • Which Magento Extension is used for the payment method? Perhaps it uses itself a mechanism for generating invoice document and sending the invoice email. Then perhaps it is better to exclude it from the Automatic Invoice generation.
  • Are there any error messages in the Magento and/or Automatic Invoice log files in var/log/?

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