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How to install the Magento 1 extension?

Last update: 29.05.2017
Please find as follows a short overview how to install our Magento extensions, using the sample of the AdvancedInvoiceLayout extension:


  • Do a backup of your Magento installation for safety reasons (database and files).
  • Disable Magento compilation feature (if activated): System->Tools->Compiler
  • Uninstall probably existing previous versions of the extension


  • 1Unzip the setup package and copy the contents of the src/ folder into the Magento root folder. (The folder structure is the same as in your Magento installation (e.g. app/, skin/, ..). No files will be overwritten.)
    Please assure that the files are uploaded with the same file user permissions as the Magento installation!
  • 2 Clear the Magento cache (z.B. System->Cache Management) and related caches if available (e.g. APC, Varnish, ..).
  • 3 Logout from the admin panel and then login again.

Congratulations, the installation has been successfully completed!

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