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In meinem Blog-Beiträgen beschreibe ich häufig Dinge, die ich in meinem Alltag als Magento Freelancer beobachte oder kleine Hacks, die mir gut gefallen.

Lessons learned nach 7 Jahren Selbstständigkeit

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In den sieben Jahren, die ich mittlerweile als selbstständiger Software-Ingenieur tätig bin, habe ich natürlich – wie jeder Selbstständige sicherlich weiß – viel Neues über mich selbst, über die deutsche Bürokratie, über zuverlässige und unzuverlässige Kunden, Mitarbeiter und Geschäftspartner und natürlich auch fachlich gelernt.

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet 2.0

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It is my honor and privilege today to introduce the brand new version of The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet. This free and downloadable cheat sheet covers all of the important SEO code and best practices that are needed by online marketers and developers.

Magento Developers Paradise Linklist

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Though unfortunately I didn’t manage to go to the Magento Developers Paradise this year let’s sum up the various helpful links posted on twitter with valuable Magento know how:

/dev/notes: Magento Caches Database Columns

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When you’re creating custom Magento models, it’s common to to add and remove fields to and from a database table during development before finalizing a set of columns for the setup resource/migration file. One thing to keep in mind while you’re doing this is that Magento will cache the list of table columns each model knows about, which means a cache clearing will be needed after adding a column.

Magento Mobile Theme Overview

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It has been really quiet about the official Magento Mobile App so I have done a research for one of my customers that is in need of a solid, cost-efficient mobile solution that does not require building up a new site from ground (i.e. the mobile site should exist in addition to the current webpage – not replace it).

Overview of Zend Framework versions in Magento CE

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Perhaps somebody might be interested in an overview of the different Zend Framework versions that are used in each Magento CE release, e.g. if you are developing Magento modules and want to use some kind of Zend Framework methods that are only available after a certain ZF version.

Awesome Magento 1 Extensions

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I am often asked by my clients which Magento Extensions I can recommend for their shop. Thats why I created a (probably incomplete) list of Magento 1 extensions that I regularly use in my Magento projects.

Magento 1.9: Downloadable Products cannot be created

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In Magento 1.9 there is a JavaScript error on the product page in the backend that prohibits adding links to downloadable products when using the default German localization that ships with this Magento version.

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