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Running Magento on FrankenPHP Webserver

Chris / / zuletzt aktualisiert am
FrankenPHP is the new star in webserver heaven and as Magento developer of course I wanted to try this out with Magento 1 / OpenMage. It turned out that it was very easy to setup and the results were really promising in local development environment. I have never seen a faster Magento on localhost!

Cheapest Magento Hosting for less than 10€

Chris / / zuletzt aktualisiert am
In this blog post I will show that it is totally possible to run a tiny Magento 1 or OpenMage shop for less than 10€ per month - and even with all used services from Europe. Should you do this for your production store? Well that's on another page, but first let's move on.

Optimize CSS Styles in Magento

Chris / / zuletzt aktualisiert am
Magento/OpenMage has a default feature to merge all CSS files into one which was implemented back in the old days to reduce HTTP requests and therewith improve the performance for the client. Nowadays with HTTP/2 (or even HTTP/3) the number of requests is not that important anymore (and on the contrary a certain number of parallel asset downloads should be preferred), but there are many other ways the CSS asset delivery can be improved in Magento. Let's see how!

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