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In meinem Blog-Beiträgen beschreibe ich häufig Dinge, die ich in meinem Alltag als Magento Freelancer beobachte oder kleine Hacks, die mir gut gefallen.

Joplin - the Best Evernote Alternative

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As a privacy-concerned user it can sometimes be very tricky to find alternatives to the most-used applications. Looking for the best alternative to the widely established note-taking application Evernote was one of those hard evaluations and it took me a while, but here is the result: Joplin. Read why.

LiteSpeed as a Drop-In Replacement for Apache Webserver for Magento 1

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For a long time Apache has been the defacto standard for hosting PHP web applications like Magento 1 or WordPress. Then with the rise of the need for high-scaling applications hosted in the cloud webservers like nginx or full page caches like Varnish became popular in order to handle the enormous amounts of traffic pouring in. The LiteSpeed webserver for Magento 1 is the new cool kind in the block now.

Privacy Checklist 2020

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My this year’s Christmas blog post is about some simple privacy tools and actions you can take to easily improve your privacy. This post is not dedicated to shop owners or developers but to any people in general that take their privacy seriously (which should be anyone to be honest).

My Blog now moved to Hugo

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Although there are not that many blog posts here, I regularly re-acknowledge all the work that has been spent to create the articles that are currently there. That’s why I decided to give some love to my blog and move all the content from WordPress to Hugo.

Why developer health matters?

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So this blog post will be the starting point for a series of health-related articles targeted for developers. As I know personally life as a developer can be tough: we live in an ever-changing world and the speed in the IT sector is even faster than anything else. And human brain has its difficulties with exponential growth. That’s why I want to get into the details about how to establish developer health.

Infografik zur DSGVO

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Die Datenschutzgrundverordnung darf natürlich in keinem Blog heutzutage fehlen :-D. Hierzu habe ich folgende gute Infografik von webvision gefunden:

When should I start using Magento 2?

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Today I want to raise some pro and contra arguments for upgrading to Magento 2 or starting a new project with the new release of Magento E-Commerce. This is by no means a complete list but just some of my thoughts on this topic.

Available Magento Code Sniffer rulesets

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Basically I recommend following the PSR-2 standard for Coding Style Guidelines in Magento projects. Verifying your coding styles makes sense in any case – whether you are working in a large team of developers or as a freelancer for several clients. Agreeing to one common coding standard and following the rules improves readability and comparability.

A collection of my daily RSS feeds

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In this blog post I want to share with you a short list of my daily RSS feeds that I find very useful to stay up-to-date in different categories:

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